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ZnodeŽ, a Columbus, Ohio based company, is a pioneer and industry leader in Multi-Store Ecommerce. With our innovative solutions businesses can significantly expand their online footprint using Multi-Store and Online Franchising strategies. Znode is trusted by leading global brands including LoJack, Waste Management, Wawa, Channelock, Arbor Day Foundation, Sonos, Fechheimmer (Berkshire Hathaway) and others. Our flagship product MultifrontT makes it easy for retailers to launch multiple online storefronts that are custom tailored to their unique business needs. A centralized administration tool gives storeowners the flexibility to customize and personalize the shopping experience across multiple stores and multiple devices, in real-time. MarketplaceT enables you to create your own online franchise by providing new and existing distributors with their own custom-branded storefronts. Franchisee storefronts are fully equipped with advanced SEO capabilities and multi-channel marketing tools that allow the seamless extension of storefronts to devices such as mobile phones, kiosks and social networks. Because Marketplace provides you as the franchisor with visibility into the performance of your online franchise, you gain the ability to identify and implement best practices in order to help your franchisees sell more of your products. Our software products include rich customer experience features and enterprise class scalability. Over One-Million lines of source code and standards based .NET architecture enables developers to build complex custom-tailored solutions in less than 50% of the time it takes when compared to competing platforms.
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