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Ensuring Successful Knowledge Transfer In Multilingual Elearning

Case Study Published By: Jonckers Translation & Engineering
Jonckers Translation & Engineering
Published:  May 27, 2011
Type:  Case Study
Length:  11 pages

Whether you are a chief learning officer or content manager who is seasoned at overseeing global content management, or a training or HR manager being asked to reach other language audiences for the first time, you face an ever-growing list of considerations to truly achieve knowledge acquisition across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Whatever your experience level, chances are there is pressure from executives and product managers to produce localized learning content as rapidly and economically as possible...while achieving the same expected level of understanding among learning content audiences. Rarely do those internal customers recognize the complexity of your charge…the conflict between what they are demanding and what is required to make it a reality.

So, exactly what big-picture and in-the-trenches issues do you need to consider, and how can you effectively address them while at the same time delivering on internal and external expectations? Learn more about best practices amassed through working with leading global companies on learning initiatives in this useful case study from an industry localization leader.

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