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Protecting Against WikiLeaks Events and the Insider Threat

White Paper Published By: Verdasys
Published:  Mar 28, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

The news blitz regarding the massive breach of secret State Department cables to the WikiLeaks website overlooks some important questions about its root causes: Where did the leaked data come from? What are the motivations behind the individual or individuals leaking the data? And, finally, is there any way to prevent sensitive government and company data from showing up on sites like WikiLeaks?

The information supplied to WikiLeaks, and to future "social justice" websites, comes from trusted insiders; privileged users within governments and companies from where the data is stolen. They are co-workers, often with the most critical responsibilities, who have been trusted with access to very sensitive information to accomplish their jobs.

In this whitepaper get the answers to the open gaps left in the WikiLeaks story and learn how you can prevent insider threats that are just as detrimental in your organization.

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