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RES Software Helps Upson Regional Medical Center with Compliance Regulations

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RES Software
Published:  Jul 03, 2012
Type:  Case Study
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Upson Regional Medical Center (URMC) is a Georgia-based, forward-thinking healthcare provider. With more than 180 different applications and multiple clinic sites in addition to the main campus, URMC houses a complex IT environment that requires zero downtime to ensure the best quality care of patients and strict compliancy requirements to meet HIPAA and other guidelines.

George Curtis, CIO of URMC, was looking for a way to keep his team from needing to touch desktops every day.  He was in search of solution that would simplify desktop management, and when he learned about RES Software, he was immediately hooked.  After only a few months of beginning the implementation of RES, George and his team began seeing major benefits, including:

  • Almost 40% immediate reduction in helpdesk calls, with higher results expected once deployment expands across additional units
  • Major time savings gained from the ability to automate installations, patches, updates and more, resulting in no longer being understaffed in comparison to workload
  • Significantly faster log in times for staff
  • An impressive HIPAA evaluation attributed to the security and compliance provided by RES Software

Additionally, they now have the ability to introduce secure and user-friendly "follow-me" computing functionality for staff logging into different machines. According to George, "If other CIOs knew what I knew, they would immediately invest in RES Software."

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