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Top inbound marketing metrics for B2B marketers

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Published:  Aug 13, 2012
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Discover the inbound marketing metrics that matter most to B2B Marketers

Leads from SEO, social media, and PR often cost less and convert at a higher rate than leads generated from traditional outbound campaigns. But inbound marketing isn't free. As savvy B2B marketers shift more of their marketing resources into driving inbound leads, many are struggling to demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of their inbound marketing efforts.

With dozens of metrics out there, it’s critical that you cut through the noise and focus on those metrics that prove your inbound programs are driving high-quality leads and growing your sales pipeline.  

Get “The Top Inbound Metrics for B2B Marketers” sponsored by Optify and authored by MarketingProfs to learn:

  • Which inbound marketing metrics prove the success of your programs
  • Which metrics are great indicators of future success
  • How to calculate inbound marketing ROI 

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