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Data Integration for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

White Paper Published By: Liaison Technologies
Liaison Technologies
Published:  Jan 23, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

The success of a merger or acquisition hinges on many things including the ability to merge disparate IT systems and the data that lies within them. How quickly and effectively an organization achieves data integration can have significant bearing on business continuity throughout the transaction and post-M&A activity. Even simple communication can present a time monopolizing activity when two or more companies come together.

Learn About:

  1. The 3 types of post M&A data integration
  2. The various phases of M&A where you need to consider data
  3. Potential benefits of outsourcing data integration for better outcomes

Plan ahead and minimize the disruption on your management and staff. If your company is looking at a merger, regardless of size, download the Successful M&A Outcomes White Paper.

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