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The Patient Empowerment Framework: a Guide for Healthcare Organizations

White Paper Published By: Emmi Solutions
Emmi Solutions
Published:  Nov 01, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

Empowered patients take responsibility for their own health: they bring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and self-awareness necessary to improve the quality of their lives. As healthcare delivery and reimbursement models are shifting, empowered patients are imperative to profitability managing care.

From the creators of the Total Engagement program, Emmi Solutions, this paper provides a framework for encouraging populations of patients to take greater responsibility for their care. Stages include:     

  • Identify: Identify patients and the messages they need to hear.
  • Connect: Reach patients on their own terms, through their preferred media, in language they understand.
  • Activate: Inspire patients to care.
  • Engage: Give patients the tools and understanding they need.
  • Act: Patients take steps on their own.
  • Maintain: Keep patients on the right path.
  • Measure: Measure outcomes at the individual level and in aggregate.

Download this paper to learn more about this effective, affordable and measurable approach to patient empowerment.

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