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5 Ways to Improve the Testing of Your Mobile Apps and Websites

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Published:  Nov 05, 2013
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The pace of mobile device use is accelerating quickly, challenging enterprises to develop apps and websites for devices beyond PCs. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners in a key area in order to get their apps and websites to market quickly: testing. Testing mobile apps and websites has become a critical part of the delivery process for any mobile asset. As a result, costs have skyrocketed to support the volume of tests required for any deployment. This has forced many enterprises to look at alternative ways to perform as much testing as possible, for the lowest price possible, which is why testing in a cloud-based environment has become an important part of their strategy.

This white paper discusses how testing in the cloud:

  • Reduces the costs and headaches associated with purchasing, managing and maintaining mobile devices
  • Allows developers to test a site or app while simultaneously testing the functionality of multiple devices, on-demand from any desktop in the world
  • Makes it easier for companies keep pace with both market changes and company needs

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