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Winning at the Game of Marketing

White Paper Published By: Workfront
Published:  Jun 25, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  18 pages

Feeling tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed with work chaos? Get the Winning at the Game of Marketing ebook and get control.

Marketing is like a real-life board game. You could get sent backward, move ahead or lose a turn at any moment. Often unpredictability and chaos abound, making work more a game of chance than strategy. While the project goals and individual tasks may change, the process stays the same—hold a kickoff meeting, develop a plan of attack, assign tasks, and set a completion date. Then, roll the dice and hope for the best.

There is a way to change the game. In this ebook, you will learn 6 key strategies to eliminate work chaos such as:

  • Work requests coming in from every direction
  • More work than there are hours in the day
  • Lack of resources
  • Don’t know who’s working on what
  • Chasing down approvers
  • Justifying the need for additional team members 

Find out how to eliminate marketing work chaos and gain control of the board.

No more rolling the dice. It is now a game of chess, where creativity and strategic execution are the keys to winning.

Get the ebook today!

Sneak Peek 

"When you change marketing from a game of chance to a game of strategy, you will win every time. The best strategy is enterprise work management—a unified process that manages all work activities, with full visibility and two-way collaboration for everyone. Enterprise work management is your game changer."

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