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2014 Top Insights for Sales Executives

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Published:  Dec 03, 2014
Type:  White Paper
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Today’s B2B purchases are made by large groups of highly diverse stakeholders. In fact, the typical B2B buying group includes 5.4 people from a wide variety of roles and regions.

The result is a dramatic rise in customer consensus requirements, which causes stalled deals, marginalized deals, and very conservative purchasing. Additionally, as stakeholder diversity increases, customer buying groups become increasingly dysfunctional.

B2B suppliers must motivate buyers to advocate on their behalf by showing personal value for buyers as individuals, not just for their company.

The best sales reps build consensus by prompting groups to engage in collective learning, and guiding diverse stakeholders to recognize greater common value. They foster an environment for stakeholders to rally around a common goal or action.

Learn the five critical areas of change that have significant implications for organizations around the globe, and how CEB is supporting sales and marketing executives and their teams to address these challenges.

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