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B2B Integration & Collaboration: Driving the return

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Jan 16, 2015
Type:  Webinar

What keeps business leaders awake at night? Escalating customer demands, lack of supply chain visibility and global complexity as well as the ever-increasing need for speed in today’s always-on marketplace. So what does it take to survive—and thrive?

Watch this video with Bryan Ball, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Supply Chain Management with the Aberdeen Group to find out why so many companies are turning to B2B collaboration to reduce costs, increase margins, and keep up with the escalating pace of business.

You’ll learn:

  • Why followers need to move beyond solving problems within the four walls of their organization in order to keep up with leaders
  • How leaders are able to manage complexity by gaining visibility and gathering data from across the supply chain
  • Ways this insight makes it possible to respond to customers, solve problems faster and make better-informed decisions

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