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Fending off APTs from all fronts

Webinar Published By: ThreatTrack Security
ThreatTrack Security
Published:  May 21, 2015
Type:  Webinar

You've pretty much got it covered but the attackers keep looking for that chink in your armor. Today's targeted, persistent attacks are designed to find that one person, group, or system they can use to get past your defenses.

These advanced targeted attacks or campaigns are tough to detect and even harder to prevent. And once the attacker gets in, it can take months to realize you've been compromised. 

Watch this webinar for a discussion on:

  • Advanced threats and their potential points of entry
  • Why Advanced Targeted Attacks will continue to confound organizations with even the best defenses
  • Methods, practices, and technologies to help quickly detect and respond to these advanced attacks

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advanced threats, advanced targeted attacks, security, cybersecurity

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