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College Hiring Trends 2015

White Paper Published By: WePow
Published:  Sep 02, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  31 pages

For more than a decade the industry has discussed the struggles that come with hiring on campus from the perspectives of both the career services as well as the corporate campus recruiting teams - with the students being left in the middle, really missing out.

To bring all sides together, WePow teamed up with talent acquistion expert Sarah Brennan to conduct a survey of nearly 350 campus career services and corporate recruiting teams to find out what is and isnít working with campus hiring.

This research uncovered interesting insights in the following areas:

  • Campus Career Services 
  • Identified the major misalignments with the expectations and execution for recruiters. 
  • Addressed how recruiters can around an unresponsive career service department. 
  • Corporate Campus Recruiters
  • Revealed how budget and time impact college recruiting departments
  • Provided tips on how recruiters can get 'on' more campuses.

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