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Mobilizing Your Team to Take Action

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Published:  Dec 13, 2016
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Help Employees Develop and Reinforce Skills

It’s a fact that video courses are not created equally and certain subject areas warrant a different type of treatment. Other providers may only offer one style of video course treatment. Skillsoft is different. Skillsoft’s newly revised Business Skills video-based content uniquely leverages multiple styles designed to present the learning objectives and engage the users in the very best way.  For example, one course might use an interactive scenario to teach tactics for working with difficult people, while another may feature a facilitated discussion around the topic of personal power.

The portfolio is based on in-depth research with end-users and eLearning enterprise buyers.  The end result is a content pipeline of over one thousand, 3-5 minute micro-videos, packaged into over 240 new courses. 

Multi-dimensional and micro-sized, the new courses are flexible training and development solutions that target the need of diverse populations, at all stages of their career.

The courses feature purposeful application of video treatments, including:

  • Well-acted, interactive scenarios
  • High-end animations
  • “TED-talk” style presentations
  • “How-to” videos
  • Whiteboard tutorials

Watch a sample scenario-based course, Mobilizing Your Team to Take Action. 

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