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Driving Digital commerce: Boscovís Success Story

Webinar Published By: Moxie
Published:  Nov 01, 2017
Type:  Webinar

Boscovís is a family-owned retailer established over 100 years ago and has grown to a billion-dollar company. Boscov's eCommerce team partnered with Moxie to remove barriers in the online customer journey with a blend of innovative digital guidance and assisted channels that have increased sales and productivity.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar with Maria Tenreiro, Care Center Director at Boscovís, to learn how to: 

  •  Guide customers and increase sales without human assistance
  •  Reduce abandonment from failed coupon codes and login errors
  •  Anticipate customer needs and engage proactively to drive sales
  •  Easily segment and manage engagements without IT resources

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