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5 Essential Steps for Building a Hunter Culture

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Published:  Apr 09, 2018
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In the world of sales, there are 3 types of reps: hunters, farmers, and dying. Most sales teams have realized that developing a group of reps who prospect for their own leads and build their own pipeline rather than simply following up on inbound leads and farming current customers for repeat orders is essential for driving growth. Order-taking farmer reps will get you only so far.

But being a successful hunter ainít easy. In the wild, predators can spend days stalking their prey before they finally land their prize, and in the sales world, it might take months of arduous work before a hunter finally turns a prospect into a client.

Thatís why sales leaders must do their part to create an environment where their hunters can operate like finely tuned machines who take down deals and ó in the process ó reap rewards for the entire team. By following these five crucial steps, you can foster a successful hunter culture within your sales team.

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