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Reducing the Risk of Data Breaches on Your Most Critical Servers: How CA Can Help

White Paper Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Jun 01, 2018
Type:  White Paper
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Businesses today must reduce the risk of security breaches to protect the valuable data within their
organizations. At the same time, IT auditors are increasingly enforcing ever more stringent requirements on the business. The bottom line is that privileged accounts and privileged access are being targeted by hackers as a new attack surface and focused on by auditors who are insisting on greater controls around
privileged accounts.

The right privileged access management solution provides comprehensive protection for your missioncritical
servers with powerful, fine-grained controls over operating system-level access and privileged
user actions. Capable of enforcing access controls on powerful native Superuser accounts—like the
UNIX® and Linux® root and Microsoft® Windows® administrator—this system-level, host-based privileged
access management solution controls, monitors and audits privileged user activity, improving security and
simplifying audit and compliance.

CA Technologies provides easy-to-deploy and comprehensive privileged access management solutions
with integrated credential management, strong authentication, zero-trust access control, proactive
command filtering, session monitoring and recording, and fine-grained controls over high-value servers.
CA Privileged Access Management provides capabilities and controls that actively prevent attackers
from carrying out key components of their attacks, while reducing risks and improving operational
efficiency. Benefits include reduced risk, increased accountability, improved auditing and compliance,
and reduced complexity.

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