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Competitive System Resource Impact Testing

White Paper Published By: BlackBerry Cylance
BlackBerry Cylance
Published:  Aug 22, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

A medium-sized enterprise can see significant costs from the loss of just one daily minute of productivity. A 10,000 employee operation could face over $10M of losses in the span of a year. Because of this, losing resources to the reallocation of PC horsepower to security scans and remediation can present an expensive problem. Many companies have found that they can delay expensive PC hardware refreshes by simply employing security solutions that don't tax their PCs as heavily, which can extend the refresh cycle by 1224 months. The indirect costs associated with brand reputation and opportunity losses also add to annual costs, as well. Additionally, "green" organizations that monitor power consumption favor solutions that use less energy. As such, forward-thinking enterprises are looking beyond software license fees when evaluating security software alternatives.

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