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2018 Global Culture Report

White Paper Published By: OC Tanner
OC Tanner
Published:  Feb 21, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  152 pages

In 2017, the O.C. Tanner Institute released a Culture Framework
to help organizations measure and improve workplace culture.
The origins of this framework come from a simple, yet powerful
reorientation in our thinking. For too long, HR leaders have been
asking, “What can we do to drive engagement?” A much better
question is, “What can we do to create a culture that people choose to engage with?"

We are excited to share with you what over 15,000 employees and
leaders across six continents are saying about the current and future state of workplace culture. We have focused on identifying key insights and highlighting simple actions organizations can take to create meaningful employee experiences that dramatically improve workplace culture. By doing so, organizations can connect people to purpose, accomplishment, and one another.

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