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Managing Your Legal Spend

White Paper Published By: Quovant
Published:  Aug 06, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  17 pages

When it comes to managing your organization’s legal spend, it’s important to set expectations with outside counsel clearly from the onset to avoid confusion and expensive surprises. This in-depth white paper will provide some useful ideas and insights to help you get a better handle on your legal spend.

  • Timekeeper Authorizations – Authorizing timekeepers builds accountability into your relationship with outside counsel.
  • Billing Guidelines – The utilization of legal billing guidelines has become the norm in the day- to-day invoicing processes of law firms. General Counsel willing to enforce billing guidelines can increase savings and promote accountability of tasks billed.
  • Alternative Fee Agreements – Managing legal spend when firms bill on an hourly basis can be challenging. Some companies are using alternative fee agreements (AFAs) to deal with these challenges.

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