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Boyce Technologies' Additive Solutions to Win Business

White Paper Published By: ASME
Published:  Oct 03, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

When Verizon wanted to add new digital and internet-connected kiosks around New York City, they turned to Boyce Technologies and Boyce turned to 3D printing to save them time and money.

Boyce Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of security and communication equipment for the mass transit market in New York. Since incorporating large-format 3D printing, Boyce has seen firsthand how 3D printing helps compress the design, engineering, and production time so they can meet tighter deadlines and get to production faster. Boyce uses its BigRep large-format 3D printers across a variety of applications including prototyping, end-use parts, and vacuum forming molds.

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  • Best practices for integrating 3D printing
  • How a prototyping exercise turned into end use parts for Verizon kiosks around New York City
  • Case studies for end use parts, molds, and prototypes
  • Making the business case for investing in AM

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