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Published By: Level 3     Published Date: Mar 04, 2016
Modernize your understanding of Hybrid WAN. Have you heard what industry analyst, Mike Sapien from Ovum, is saying about hybrid WAN? Hint: It doesn’t include the need to abandon MPLS.
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level 3 communications, hybrid wan services, mike sapien, mpls, mpls based services
Level 3
Published By: CA Technologies_Business_Automation     Published Date: Jun 29, 2018
Challenge Enterprises today face the major challenge of how to fully orchestrate the apps that define their business and automate the IT processes underpinning them when much of the infrastructure used to run them is outsourced to cloud providers. Opportunity Some cloud service providers offer their own orchestration tools, and each on-premises tool has automation capabilities. But while we own our apps, providers are interchangeable depending on what they can offer and for what price. We should be able to switch between cloud providers and between cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructure as and when the business requires, with minimal effort and without losing any control. Sometimes we might want to use more than one provider at the same time, leveraging the advantages of each provider simultaneously. Benefits What is needed is an orchestration layer that remains constant while cloud services come and go; one that enterprises own along with their core apps.
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CA Technologies_Business_Automation
Published By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 21, 2015
IT organizations have been evolving their WAN connectivity strategies to align with new IT cost, resilience, and performance objectives. Hybrid WAN is a growing trend with many organizations and enterprises, enabling them to augment traditional private leased lines or MPLS-based WAN circuits with secured public Internet services to achieve their goals. Riverbed takes a holistic, application-centric approach to solving the challenges of hybrid architectures. Read how SteelHead's hybrid architecture simplifies the laborious aspect of operating in a hybrid WAN environment.
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hybrid enterprise, app performance, wan connectivity, hybrid wan, application-centric
Published By: Riverbed DE     Published Date: Oct 16, 2017
Der Siegeszug des Cloud Computing prägt längst die Art und Weise, wie Rechenzentren miteinander vernetzt sind. Der architektonische Ansatz, der den Netzwerken zunächst die fehlende Agilität und Schnelligkeit verleihen sollte, heißt Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Jetzt geht es um die Frage, wie das WAN so optimiert werden kann, dass es den dynamischen Anforderungen von Cloud-Anwendungen und -Diensten gerecht wird. Der Trend zu SD-WAN ist eine vergleichsweise junge Marktentwicklung, der die Einführung hybrider WAN-Architekturen voranging.Dieses Dokument bietet eine weltweite Marktprognose für SD-WAN-Produkte und -Services bis 2020. Die Ergebnisse im Überblick.
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cloud, wan, kostendruck, treiben, weitere, verreitung, voran
Riverbed DE
Published By: Riverbed DE     Published Date: Oct 16, 2017
Think SD-WAN is the panacea for modern networking? While there’s no doubt that SD-WAN technology is absolutely necessary to support the rapid innovation required by today’s cloud-first enterprise, it is just one of many capabilities that make next-generation networking possible. Read this eBook to learn how to take your enterprise network to a best-practices level with a complete solution that includes: • Cloud-grade SD-WAN to automate connectivity and orchestration across hybrid WANs, cloud networks, and remote branch LANs/WLANs. • Rich visibility into heavily-encrypted environments for an end-to-end view of performance and fast resolution of problems. • Built-in optimization that unifies application acceleration and SD-WAN network services for complete control over application performance.
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cloud networking, wan, network services, application performance, technology
Riverbed DE

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