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Published By: Cool Effect     Published Date: Mar 05, 2019
Universities around the world are realizing the importance of sustainable practices and are working towards shrinking their carbon footprint by focusing on renewable energy resources, clean technology, and carbon offsets. This guide will provide complimentary information on carbon credits along with case studies where universities have incorporated them into their sustainability strategy. Also included: tips for identifying high-quality credits and avoiding low-quality credits that do not reduce carbon emissions. Read this guide to learn more about what carbon credits are and how to navigate the process of measuring, assessing, and obtaining carbon credits.
Tags : 
carbon offsets, carbon credits, carbon footprint, carbon neutral, carbon emissions, carbon management, tonnes, climate neutral
Cool Effect
Published By: Quantcast     Published Date: Feb 13, 2015
Avec les tonnes de données disponibles sur le parcours d’un client en amont de son achat, il est important pour les annonceurs de savoir quels indicateurs sauront les aider à déterminer l’efficacité d’une campagne en ligne. Évaluer votre propre performance avec ces simples questions que chaque annonceur doit se poser.
Tags : 
performance de ses campagnes, quantcast, roi, emerging marketing

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