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Successful Mobile Deployments Require Robust Security

White Paper Published By: BlackBerry
Published:  May 20, 2009
Type:  White Paper
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Mobility is no longer considered a luxury within enterprise but a critical part of a networking strategy as firms look to increase productivity and remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. As mobility becomes an integral part of the infrastructure, IT must deal with supporting numerous devices including laptops, smartphones and other mobile handhelds. The challenge for IT will be enabling productivity improvements while mitigating the risk of numerous types of devices. The devices and their memory cards may hold sensitive organizational and personal information, including information about product announcements, financial statements, or customer records. In the PC world, IT can standardize on a platform. But in the mobile domain, IT must support numerous types of hardware and software including various versions of Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerrys, Apple iPhones, Symbian devices, Palm devices and Linuxbased devices such as Google's Android phones. These handhelds, which are now approaching the capabilities of laptops, create unique security requirements because these devices are: •Often purchased and owned by the end user (with the exception of BlackBerrys which are often purchased by the 9irm) •Lost more frequently than laptops but not immediately reported as lost •Less likely to be protected by a strong passcode if purchased by an end user

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